White Center One’s Preschool

Teacher Bio: Linda Plankinton

I am Teacher Linda and I have worked in the career of Childcare for over 20 years.  I had the pleasure to enroll my daughter in coop preschool at just 5 months old, in the Infant class at SSC co-op preschool and continued all the way through to the 4’s class. It was the best decision I have made as a parent, Co-op gave me the support I needed and gave my child very important social/emotional skills.

After my daughter started elementary school, I had the opportunity to teach in the AH 2’s class. I was so happy to be back at Co-op! One of the classes I am currently teaching our Thursday Toddler class at the SSC campus.

I love watching the children grow and change over the year and the parents developing lifelong relationships with each other. I believe the child’s job is to play, and as a teacher, I enjoy setting up the classroom to help encourage this. Whether they are exploring ramps made from gutters, a home center, relaxing at the playdough or sensory tables I love to get down on their level and play alongside them. I also like seeing them approach the art center and experience the process of art. They can explore paint, water colors, or other media in an open-ended way, and the end product is unique for each child.

I also enjoy working with the parents who I consider my co-teachers. Together we work at our play stations, using positive discipline techniques to help teach the children how to interact with one another.      

   Away from work, I love spending time with my family and camping with our two cats. I also enjoy gardening, quilting, and my new hobby, making fairy houses out of natural materials.”  

White Center One’s Preschool

One Day Preschool

FRIDAY 9:30-11:30 AM

Children’s Program

Your child’s Preschool Teacher provides an enriching environment just right for young children to explore and learn.

Just imagine your child splashing in the water table, making messy art, building with blocks, playing with trains, sitting for a healthy snack, joining friends to climb, dance, and sing!

Some children are not ‘toddling’ when they begin school, but they will be soon enough!

Daily Routine

  • 9:30 Wash hands, name tags, and gross motor play.  Outside or inside, weather permitting.
  • 10:05 Snack, wash hands and eat.
  • 10:15 Free play 
  • 11:00 clean up time
  • 11:10 Music and dance
  • 11:25 Goodbye songs, collect name tags

Parent Involvement

As a member of this Co-op, the adult commitment is: 

Attend class one day each week, working alongside the Children’s Teacher interacting with the children … or alternating every week into Discussion Group with the Parent Educator.

Attend an evening Class Meeting, once per quarter to learn about guidance and discipline to use at home and at school…and have an adult night out together!  

Choose and hold a preschool job that fits your interests, skill, and time (i.e. Community Builder, Class Treasurer, Play-Dough Maker, Librarian)

Choose one quarterly parent education seminar from a variety of topics such as: Sleep, Sibling Relationships, Guidance & Discipline, Raising an Only Child, Potty Training, Picky Eating, Anti-bias Parenting, and many more!

White Center One’s Preschool Parent Education & Support

Parent, grandparent, nanny, or other special adult attends with their child and is automatically enrolled in the South Seattle College Parent Education program.  Your Parent Educator is there in class each week, checking in individually and leading a discussion group to provide the latest in child development and guidance.

  • Just imagine talking about tantrums, picky eaters, midnight wakers, furniture climbers, brain growth, language development, and more with other people who understand and a parent educator who has tips to help! 
  • Adults learn tips about interacting with all the children – and see how their own child is learning to be with other little ones.
  • Grown-ups start building their own parenting support system and making connections with other families.