What makes this preschool a “Co-op?”   Parents who want to be involved in their child’s early education!


Dad helps son make spinny art

Parenting is easier and more fun because of my involvement in Co-op Preschool!”
Parents get to:

  • assist the teacher  in the classroom one session each week–we show and teach you how
  • rotate bringing a healthy snack for the children
  • attend a monthly, evening parent meeting to discuss business and parenting topics–night chosen by the group
  • choose a co-op job that fits your interests, skill, and time to help with smooth running of school
  • help with fundraising

“The parent educators really got to know me and my child. I found their support invaluable!”


“I don’t really need “education” to be a parent….do I?”

You may not NEED education but this parenting role is a lot more satisfying when we do it together…and get coaching along the way.

Parent Education, following the Positive Discipline philosophy, is provided by parenting educators from South Seattle College through:

  • topical discussions at monthly parent meetings
  • a list of parent education seminars to choose from such as: Guidance & Discipline, Raising Boys/Girls, Separation, Sleep, Nutrition
  • informal chats with your parenting coaches
  • putting it all into practice in your child’s preschool

For more information about the importance of parents click on Parents above.