Multi-Age Outdoor Class

FRIDAY 10am – 12pm

Teacher Bio: Linda Plankinton

I am Teacher Linda and I have worked in the career of Childcare for over 20 years.  I had the pleasure to enroll my daughter in coop preschool at just 5 months old, in the Infant class at SSC co-op preschool and continued all the way through to the 4’s class. It was the best decision I have made as a parent; Co-op gave me the support I needed and gave my child very important social/emotional skills. 

 My love for the outdoors and exploring nature has been a big part for me in wanting to be an outdoors class teacher.  I move my classroom outdoors, bringing our teaching centers out into our play area.  The children have so much fun exploring the different stations. 

I believe the child’s job is to play, and as a Teacher I enjoy setting up the classroom to help encourage this.  Whether they are exploring ramps made from gutters, a home center, relaxing at the playdough or sensory tables, I love to get down on their level and play alongside of them.  I also like seeing them approach the art center and experience the process of art.  They can explore paint, make collages, or use another media in an open-ended way, and the end product is unique for each child. 

Our Friday multiage, outdoor class is a great way to spend time with your child and watch them begin to socialize with other children while you can build a community of parents. Using positive discipline skills, you will be able to teach yourself and children the words they need to handle many different situations like learning to have ownership and then the ability to ask for a turn.  

I would love to have you and your child[ren] join us outside for a fun, memorable experience. Come explore with us as we learn together.

Multi-age Outdoor Class

This class takes place off-site from our primary location, at the beautiful South Seattle College Chinese Gardens– Allowing the children ample space to play, run, explore and learn about various flora and fauna.

This class might be a good fit for you if:

  • You would like to supplement your child’s existing preschool schedule with more outdoor time
  • You can’t participate in our regular co-op offerings, but would like to build relationships with other families, have a little special time with your child each week, and benefit from professional parenting support and coaching
  • You are not yet comfortable participating in indoor group settings
  • You would like a class where you can bring your child and their sibling

Daily Routine

  • 10:00 Welcome from Teacher Linda
  • 10:15 Free Play time, Explore, Pretend, and Create
  • 11:15 Clean up time
  • 11:25 Story and finger plays
  • 11:35 Wash hands, Snack
  • 11:45 Music and Dance
  • 12:00 Time to say Goodbye

Children’s Program

Teacher Linda will create rich learning opportunities for the children each week.  Some examples include:

  • A variety of curriculum materials during Free Play where children can practice and hone social skills
  • Art materials to create a joyful mess (and learn to clean up afterwards!)
  • Story Circle where children learn to sit and take part
  • Music and Movement to sing together and use big muscles

Our Parent Educator will provide parent education and support for adults in the class through:

  • Weekly personalized check-ins
  • Small group discussion
  • Quarterly parent education meetings
  • All students have access to the full slate of quarterly parent education seminars